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Transmission of a viral infection is carried out directly by contact, airborne droplets, as well as through household items. Herpes infection spreads through the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, genitals, and upper respiratory tract. Having overcome all tissue barriers, the infection enters the lymph and blood. Then it moves to the internal organs. Herpes penetrates into the nerve endings, after which it settles in the genetic apparatus of nerve cells. If this happens, it will no longer be possible to remove the infection from the body, and it will remain with the person for life.

The protective function of the body reacts to infection by the production of specific antibodies that block the virus particle contained in the blood. The infection awakens in the cold seasons, with colds and hypovitaminosis. With the reproduction of herpes in the cell epithelium of the mucous membranes and skin, dystrophy develops, as a result of which the cells die. Herpes is a stimulating factor for the onset of Alzheimer's disease. This is due to the fact that when brain cells are infected, the level of beta-amyloid increases. With this disease, 90% of plaques form in the brain of patients.

What effect does herpes have on the human body? Herpes simplex virus infections are easily transmitted through direct contact with the lesions or body fluids of a person with herpes. Transmission can also occur through skin contact during asymptomatic illness. Other reasons include the following. Risk factors for HSV-1 infections in children include poor hygiene, birth in underdeveloped countries, low social status, and overcrowding.

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It is also necessary to pay attention to the emergence of a constant desire to scratch the skin of the lips. Under these circumstances, you need to quickly use an ointment or cream against herpes. Anxiety should also arise if there is even a small bubble containing liquid on the lip or body, since they have the ability to spread quite quickly.

How to buy atorvastatin herpes or not? To understand whether rashes in the form of vesicles are herpes, you need to carefully listen to your body. The first signs that herpes is already in the developmental stage are said. The harbingers of genital (genital) herpes include. Before you sound the alarm, you must first make sure that there are groups of vesicles filled with fluid in the area of ​​the genital mucosa, which become cloudy after a few days, then burst and as a result small ulcers form. They are covered with a crust, which disappears on its own after 7 days.

Only the presence of such bubbles is indisputable evidence of the development of herpes in the intimate area. You can also learn about the occurrence of herpes by the occurrence of characteristic symptoms for each type. All varieties of herpes belong to the Herpeveridae family, which includes a large group of lipitor (about 1000 individuals). Forms of herpes in humans can only be caused by 8 representatives of this family, which can disfigure the mouth area with a rash, appear in the nose, mouth, genitals, affect the eyes or spread throughout the body. The location of the disease depends on the type of virus that caused it.

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Therefore, the classification of the pathogen is carried out.

They are similar in that they are characterized by a short development cycle, and also lead to degenerative tissue disorders. The subfamily Gammaherpesvirinae includes 4 types of pathogens - these are viruses.


As a result of studying the forms of herpes in humans, 8 of its species were distributed into 3 subfamilies.

They are united by a pronounced tropism for B or T-lymphocytes - this is when the internal tissues of the body or blood are deeply affected, but there is no external damage to the skin and mucous membranes. The remaining 3rd subfamily of Bethaherpesvirinae includes cytomegalovirus - type 5 herpes.

The subfamily Alphaherpesvirinae includes 3 types of lipitor.

These 2 types of herpes simplex are dangerous to humans. They are also called creeping lichen, colds or herpes simplex in another way. Bubbles can propagate in the zone. Diseases can develop when coming into contact with the skin or mucous membranes of the carrier of the virus. The causative agent can pass to a healthy person with saliva during a kiss, as well as during oral sex. Sometimes HSV-1 can affect the eyes, the skin of the hands, or the entire body. It poses a particular danger to buy atorvastatin pills women who have this moment weakens the immune system. More >> Herpes during pregnancy. Herpes HSV can develop, regardless of age, but more often it occurs in children and, moreover, the symptoms are mild, or may be completely absent.


Herpes simplex type 1 - develops in similar places, like the rest. Even before the appearance of bubbles, tingling appears in the area of \u200b\u200bthe subsequent development of herpes, the temperature rises. The virus can spread through the towel, hands all over the body. In this case, it will be possible to notice the development of genital herpes. If the pathogen enters the eyes, conjunctivitis will develop or ulcers will appear on the cornea. Herpes HSV - 1, once in the brain, causes encipholitis.